TTW ni kadi ni dinau ni Bitcoin

TTW ni kadi ni dinau ni Bitcoin

What is a bitcoin debit card?

A bitcoin debit card is a VISA or Mastercard that you can use to buy goods and services from online and offline shops or withdraw money from ATMs. At the same time it is directly backed by bitcoin funds. Bitcoin debit cards make an easy access to spend cryptocurrency funds anywhere in the world.

What types of bitcoin debit cards exists?

The plastic bitcoin debit card looks like an ordinary VISA or Mastercard which you can use the same way. The virtual bitcoin debit card is issued online with the same details as a standard debit card. The cardholder name, date of expiry and the CVC/CVV codes are provided upon order, but there is no phsyical production making it easier and faster to access the funds.

How can I use a bitcoin debit card?

You can use a bitcoin debit card just like any prefunded debit card. You can spend the balance of the card for buying goods and services in local shops or in online stores. If you have a plastic bitcoin debit card, you can withdraw cash from ATMs. You can also use your bitcoin debit card to make purchases both domestically and internationally.

What are the currencies I can use a bitcoin debit card with?

Bitcoin debit cards holds the available funds in fiat currencies beside bitcoin. The most popular currencies are USD, EUR and GBP. Na ilavo e rawa me dei me vaka na ilavo ni sega ni tiko semati ki na levu ni kadi ni dinau ni bitcoin, vakakina sa vakaraitaka kina na na vakayagataki ilavo e vakayacori vata kei na kadi ni ilavo ni kaulotu. Ena vica na dausoli dolava na mauwe ni kadi ni dinau ni bitcoin me vakakina eso tale na KNK. Vei ira tale eso, ena veigauna e solia talega vei ira na kadi ni dinau ni bitcoin vata kei na ilavo ni sega ni tiko ena MASIA, CNY, JPY, KRW, AUD kei na CHF. A tiko talega eso na dausoli na digidigi me vakailavotaki kina na kadi kei na altcoins vakakina yasa ni bitcoin.

E rawa vakacava ni 'u otataka na e dua na kadi ni dinau ni bitcoin?

Me rawa ni tiko e dua na kadi ni dinau ni bitcoin, you must register at one of the providers’ platform. The registration process includes providing personal details of the cardholder, such as name, date of birth and place of residency. The given information must then be verified with a photo ID and a proof of residence. This can be a bill containing the address of the caldholder. After placing the order and choosing the shipping method the plastic cards are delivered to your home. In case you have opt for a virtual card, the card details are issued to your email address. If you do not want to share personal information, you can order an anonymous bitcoin debit card without verification.

Can I have a bitcoin debit card without verification?

Io. Anonymous bitcoin debit cards are available at couple of providers on the market. If you do not want to go through the verification process of providing photo ID and proof of residence, you can choose an anonymous bitcoin debit card. In this case however it worth noting that the limits applicable for unverified users are always lower compared to verified users. Therefore only limited amount of funds can be used with the anonymous bitcoin debit cards in exchange for only providing a name to be displayed on the card.

How long does it take to receive a bitcoin debit card?

The plastic bitcoin debit cards are issued by VISA or Mastercard and it takes about 2-3 weeks to receive them. The amount of time to get the card is depending on the distance between the card provider and the cardholder. For an extra charge express delivery can be selected at all of the providers. In this case the cards are delivered within 2-5 business days with the services provided by DHL along with a tracking number.

How can I top up a bitcoin debit card?

You can top up the bitcoin debit card several other ways than bitcoin. You can use bank wire transfer, credit or debit cards and alternative payment providers as Neteller and Skrill. In most cases however PayPal is not among the accepted payment method due to its terms and conditions.

How can I withdraw money from a bitcoin debit card?

You can withdraw money from a bitcoin debit card similar ways as you have loaded the account. You can send bitcoins to another address. You can also withdraw the funds to a bank account or to an alternative payment provider, such as Skrill or Neteller. Ena vuqa na gauna ia PayPal e sega vei ira na iwalewale ni vakasukai vakadonui ni kadi ni dinau ni bitcoin.

Rawa au sa kauta tani na ilavo mai na ATM vata kei na dua na kadi ni dinau ni bitcoin?

Io. E rawa ni o vakasuka kina na ilavo mai na ATM vakayagataki e vuravura raraba e dua na kadi ni dinau ni bitcoin palasitika.

Na kena isau na levu bitcoin kadi ni dinau?

Sa duidui na isau ni bitcoin ni kadi ni dinau e taucoko na dausoli. Na gauna e dua issuance na isau ni dua na kadi ni dinau ni bitcoin palasitika ena tiko ena 5-25 USD. Na isau ni issuance ni na bitcoin ni initaneti ni kadi ni dinau e sa ikoya vakalailai sara, sa rawa sara mada ga me sa sega ni saumi ena so na vanua. Beside the one time production cost of the card, a monthly account maintenance fee is charged in the amount of 1 USD per month.

What are transaction costs associated with a bitcoin debit card?

The transaction costs of the bitcoin debit cards are varying widely, the more expensive cards can have smaller transaction fees. Loading the card is usually free of charge, while the withdrawals are charged based on the type you choose. The POS and online purchased can be charged with a fixed fee or at a prorata percentage. ATM withdrawals are charged between 1.5-2.5% ena dua na cakacaka, international withdrawals costs more. There is also currency translation fee is charged if the default currency does not match the transaction currency.

What are the limits of a bitcoin debit card?

In some cases there is maximum amount of fund you can load to a bitcoin debit card. This impacts the amount of money you can spend with the card and also the amount of cash you can withdraw from ATMs. Verified users may have higher limits and also some providers offers unlimited bitcoin debit card for registered users. The lifetime topup are limited around 2000 USD for anonymous users.

What are the ATM withdrawal fees associated with a bitcoin debit card?

Bitcoin debit card providers charges fees when withdrawing cash from ATMs. This fee can be charged per transaction or prorata. The domestic ATM withdrawals usually cost around 1.5%, while the international ATM withdrawals are charged at 2.5%.

What is currency translation fee associated with bitcoin debit card transactions?

Currency translation fee is charged in case the default currency of the account associated with the bitcoin debit card is different compared to the currency of the transaction. In this case a fixed 3% currency translation fee is charged by all of the providers on the market.

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